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BDLE5SMPRWFixed a problem where an Outlook delegatee received a single meeting invitation when a repeating meeting was delegated to him.
SBOR5Z6NKUFixed a type-o ("Enableing") in the out of office dialog box.
NMGE5ZTLU5Fixed the text size in the installation dialog.
DMLI5YB5NGFixed a hang in Microsoft Outlook 2003 after a sent meeting request was opened and closed several times.
DMLI5Y3BUBMicrosoft Outlook 2003 represents message contents differently internally than previous Outlook versions -- as HTML rather than RTF. Domino Access...
CSUN5Z55DYFixed a Microsoft Outlook 2003 hang which occurred after forwarding a reoccurring meeting or all day event, which had been sent to an...
EYAI5WXQJRAn Invitee received an error message after trying to accept an update. This problem has been fixed in 6.0.5 and 6.5.3.
EYAI5WXLGBWhen an invitee forwards a meeting occurrence, the invitee receives a cancellation notice in the inbox. This cancellation notice cancels the whole...
EYAI5VFP7ZWhen the chair receives a new time proposal, the "View all proposals" button was missing. This problem has been fixed in 6.0.5 and...
EYAI5VPTT3The "Propose New Time" button was not grayed out for an invitee. Invitees should not be able to propose a new time.
MHSU5YRC9MAdded LMBCS to native translation.
FSIZ62PJ6DFixed a problem where "Nnotesmm.exe" was still running after creating a MAPI profile, preventing another one from being created.
JCAL628R84When sending a mail message from the Notes Client to a Microsoft Outlook Client, the property mapping for "on behalf of" was lost. The mail file...
JCAL64DRE9Fixed a problem where the "Show Names From" field in the address book displayed the directory name twice, instead of listing the directory room and...
JLLE5TGLFKFixed a problem where the resource in the Location field was displayed twice.
JCHO5YFEB2Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook setup was failing if the user's ID file path contained any multi-byte characters.
JFEA63BKAMFixed a hang in the outlook.exe and nwrdaemn.exe processes after exiting the application.
LMIR5ZLJT5Releases 6.0.4 and 6.5.2 are no longer missing the DAO setup.exe file. This regression was introduced in 6.0.4.
MSER5XVQY6In the Domino Preferences Dialog, when you click on the Preferences button and navigate to the Autoprocess tab, users can now select meeting senders...
MQUE5UWQFFFixed a problem where the accepted date/time of an invitation was the time of migration, not the time the meeting was accepted.
MMII5YEBKDFixed a problem where unreadable characters were displayed on the bottom of a plain text message.
MMII62QD6FThe title of a Domino directory was displayed without encoding. This problem has been fixed in 6.0.5 and 6.5.3.
MMII5YBCRVUsers of international versions of DAMO 6.5.2 may see "Invalid Password" in English because the string was not resourced.
This message has been...
NTER5U6CUCA single meeting invitation was received even though a repeating meeting was delegated. This problem has been fixed in 6.0.5 and...
PDCW5YANAYMoved the "Show Unread Only" option to the Tools menu to minimize space used on the action bar.
SBOR63BQKJMessages with new lines of text are no longer concatenated and wrapped.
SBOR63GLBZMIME messages were not converted to HTML bodies.
SBOR623LHLOutlook feature for Deferred Delivery is now working correctly. Prior to this fix, the message would be sent immediately.
SBOR63BRNBMessages that contained formatted text along with attachments were either losing the attachments or losing the formatting. This regression was...


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